I like the CLASSIC model because it is small. If my handlebars are wider than 50 cm, will it still look good?2020-08-24T14:58:56-04:00

The CLASSIC model is made for bikes with handlebars that measure 50 cm and less, but nothing would prevent you from using it for a bike with a wider handlebar.

I have a heavy e-bike, will the rack be able to support it?2020-08-24T15:01:27-04:00

The maximum suggested weight for a bicycle on our racks is 40 pounds. If you decide to surpass that limit, you do so at your own risk.

Can I attach my Holdme support to drywall?2020-08-24T15:06:08-04:00

We don’t recommend it, because drywall is not a solid material. Only solid materials like wood or brick will be strong enough to support the weight of your bike. Be sure to use the necessary tools to install your support securely.

Can I hang two bikes at the same time on a rack?2020-08-24T15:07:51-04:00

Some racks can accommodate different types of bikes, but all of our supports can only support one at a time.

Can I stain or paint my support?2020-08-24T15:08:56-04:00

All of our bike supports are made using Russian cherry wood. They are left unfinished so that you can add a personal touch.

Is my mount made for the exterior or the interior?2020-08-24T15:10:04-04:00

All brackets are made of wood and are designed for indoor use only. If you want to put your support outside in open weather, you will need to treat the wood first to ensure its durability.

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