Simon Dravigné

President / Ceo

Simon Dravigné
Simon Dravigné

The man behind the bike rack

As the father of two children, I live for new challenges.

Limiting myself to just two wheels opened me up to the outside world. For years, my love for biking has taken me around the world with my BMX.

I have ridden the slopes of several mountains with my mountain bike. I have ridden in closed circuits like Mont-Tremblant at almost 300 km/hour on a motorcycle. My little 50 CC also brought out the child in me (which is still there, by the way!), by taking me for rides through abandoned fields with friends.

Today, it’s the road bike that’s an essential part of my daily life. With better nutrition and a change in fitness, I discovered the challenges and joys of the triathlon. And this allowed me to discover this wonderful team from the Trifort de Chambly.

I believe they have contributed greatly to my transformation and helped me get where I am today. With the Holdme Creations, I can combine my passion for sports with the pleasure of working with wood in a way that is uniquely my own. This is the start of a new adventure, and it is with great joy that I share my passion with you.

Looking forward…